QEPR Connected Newsletter

Looking to design, develop, certify, or manufacture a consumer electronics product?

QEPR provides current, future, and past technology company operators with a handful of high-yield resources for growing, buying, or selling your product or business.

  • We give consumer electronics businesses a high-level overview of turnaround management principles and resources to fuel high-growth or position your company for either explosive growth or a sale.
  • Our experience in owning, operating, buying and selling a consumer electronics business give us unique insights on what works, what does not- what to do and when, and what pitfalls to avoid. 
  • We welcome complex opportunities that others are unable or unwilling to tackle. We love unlocking black boxes and scoring through the hard high hoops. 
  • We are responsive, discrete and avoid the unnecessary delays of pointless formalities. We understand how critical speed is in both turn-around and high growth environment(s) and we can tell you within 24 hours if we’re a fit.