About Us

Meet the QEPR Team


We know there is valuable time lost in retrieving smartphones & devices which are left behind. Therefore QEPR works tirelessly in providing solutions for your lost phone's fast and easy path back home.


We believe in supporting you on your heroic, daily quest in keeping connected to what matters most.


QEPR operates within a culture of service gratitude, by creating stories of innovative, honest solutions.


QEPR believes there is greater value in an impactful story or profound experience than merits of an unethical product or lazy service ethos.


We know by presenting you Creative and Refined products, we will impute your desires qualities.


QEPR is built on a foundation of service, and operate within a framework of gratitude.

Service Leader

As the leader in the smartphones & connected device recovery domain, we tirelessly keep premier, concierge-level service at the forefront of all QEPR affairs.


QEPR believe that by fostering a deep connection with your feelings, we will truly understand your needs better than rest.


As the leader in the smartphones & connected device recovery domain, we tirelessly keep premier, concierge-level service at the forefront of all QEPR affairs.

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Founder & CEO


Chief Operating Officer


Chief Technical Officer



Chief Marketing Officer

The QEPR Story

Passion led us here,

Manifesting form from scratch, QEPR is passionately cultivated one recovered phone at a time. Collectively, we are a society of change agents who take the task of spearheading a movement toward remaining connected very seriously.

With a steadfast call to duty, we serve as vanguards leading a global paradigm shift- positioning away from segregation of phone operating systems and devices, while adopting agnostic solutions that allow anyone to never lose their smartphone or tablet again.

From initially evaluating the core, cultural equities of a global issue, through storyboarding QEPR's degree of harmonious extendability into the marketplace; engineering technology that serves the world is the overarching principle that is practiced in all of our affairs.

Because we believe everyone on this planet has the right to living happy, healthy, and connected. And through the multiple modalities of QEPR, we lend you with a few extra tools in carving your own creative path forward.

QEPR Keeps You Connected

QEPR Keeps You Connected With What Matters Most

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