Everyday 10,000 smartphones
are lost and never recovered.

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    Keeping You Connected To What Matters Most

    QEPR is a a set of patent-pending technologies with serve in loss prevention, tracking, and
    recovery of smartphones and other connected devices.

    Every day in the United States alone, 10,000 smartphones are lost and never returned. Lost are your critical mobile applications, financial information, memories, and communication to your
    family & friends.

    After discovering a large service-gap in the marketplace, QEPR has created a comprehensive solution by combining numerous, fragmented products and services into a single, robust package.


    Devices Found Using QEPR


    Complete Tracking of your Smartphone and Connected Devices.

    Current Location: At any moment, you can locate your smartphone by simply pressing the QEPR Key Fob, or via your User Profile on this website. Likewise, you can locate any item connected to your QEPR Key Fob via your QEPR mobile application or via your User Profile on this website.

    BacktraQ: Misplaced your smartphone? No need to worry as QEPR Keeps You Connected. Via your QEPR mobile application or website user profile, you can BackTraQ your steps, and view a time-stamped location history of all of your connected devices.

    FastTraQ: Unable to immediately locate your smartphone? No issues as QEPR continues working for you. You can rest easy knowing your device is equipped with a QEPR Smart Tag, which places your lost and found smartphone on the FastTraQ back to you.

    Your QEPR Contacts will always be notified first, providing your smartphone the fastest and easiest path back into your hands. And in the case of long-distance separation? We handle everything! QEPR’s QuickShip Service makes it simple for your phone to be mailed, covering the cost of shipping your device directly back to your home or office

    Concierge Support

    QEPR’s Concierge Service directly supports your any need through providing world-class support. Meeting you directly where you’re at, we provide QEPR Members:

    • Direct Over-the-Phone Communication
    • SMS Phone Text Messaging
    • Facebook Messenger Chat
    • WhatsApp Chat
    • QEPR Web & Mobile Application Chat
    • Email Support
    • QEPR’s Cutting-edge FAQs Portal
    • Direct Over-the-Phone Communication
    List Of Support By QEPR
    • QEPR Chat- in-application (free)
    • Email- opens users default email browser (free)
    • FAQs- links to FAQ screen (free)
    • 24/7 phone- access to a phone (paid)
    • SMS Text Messaging- access to a phone (paid)
    • Facebook Messenger- access to Facebook (paid)
    • WhatsApp Chat- access to WhatsApp (paid)
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