"QEPR Discovered a Completely Unaddressed Gap in an $18 Billion Marketplace”

Invest in QEPR, and invest in the world's first and only technology that serves in the loss prevention, tracking, and recovery of smartphones.

As an early­-stage investor, you will be investing in a company with:

  • A First­-to-­Market Product
  • A Total Addressable Market TAM of 237 million smartphone users in USA in 2018
  • QEPR Annual Revenue Opportunity of $18.5 Billion
  • A Total Obtainable Market TOM of 3,650,000 smartphones lost every year in USA in 2018
  • QEPR Annual Revenue Opportunity of $285 Million
  • Explosive Growth Business Model
  • Smart Infrastructure
  • Supplementary Revenue Streams
  • Best ­in­ Class Executive Team

Current State

QEPR is currently seeking an early-­round capital raise to reach the next 50,000 transactions.

The investor would ideally bring strategic intel, advice and resources, and be looking for a long­-term partnership.

“While Others Race to the Bottom, QEPR Keeps Rising”

First­-to-­Market Product

  • 1
    20 patents pending­ 7 as a Kit, 8 as a System, & 3 as a Computer-­Implemented Method, & 2 as a proprietary Ornamental Design
  • 2
    Unduplicated, Real­-Time­-Location-­Service (RTLS) hardware device
  • 3
    Unduplicated, web and mobile application platform technology stack
  • 4
    No Direct Competition­ the product has refined & improved upon all faults of current


  • 5
    QEPR is the only company with hard positioning toward smartphone loss prevention &


Explosive Growth Business Model

  • 1
    100%+ margin hardware sales, supported by recurring SaaS membership revenues
  • 2
    Substantial subscription revenue(s)­ recurring revenues accounting for 75% total gross
  • 3
    Explosive growth­ $100MM+ accumulative net profits projected within 5 years
  • 4
    Demonstrated immediate potential­ net profitability in Y1
  • 5
    High net profit margins, eclipsing 80%

Smart Infrastructure = Minimum Operating Expense

  • 1

    Distributed office­ leveraging decentralized admin, management, sales, & engineering teams

  • 2

    Strategic technology partnership, resulting in direct­cost product engineering, manufacturing, & testing

  • 3

    Strategic logistics partnership, resulting in zero import/export tariffs by manufacturing country

  • 4

    Direct-­to-­consumer sales & distribution channels leveraging 3rd party fulfilment centers

  • 5

    Ongoing employee education hosted upon a custom, in-house digital content platform (LMS)

Supplementary Revenue Streams

  • 1

    Global patent licensing agreements

  • 2

    RTLS technology whitelabeling and repackaging

  • 3

    Industrial design tie­ups and collaborations

  • 4

    Additional global markets­ - Scaling QEPR brand & product

  • 5

    High­-margin accessories­ - Patented smartphone cases, tags, magnets, rings

Elite Team­ - Direct Operating Experience

  • 1

    Technology­ - Hardware, software, IT, IoT, mobile, bluetooth, RFID, & consumer electronics

  • 2

    Global business operations­ - International transacting, manufacturing, sales, & logistics

  • 3

    Enterprise scaling­ - From start­up phase, through mature & stable revenues

  • 4
    Sales & Marketing­ - Highly trained experts in current digital sales & marketing tools & trends
  • 5
    International Accounting - highly experienced in international tax & corporate structure management

Barriers to Entry for Others

  • 1

    Substantial time, sophistication and capital required to reach QEPR’s current­ state

  • 2

    Complex consolidation and implementation of global, strategic operating partners

  • 3

    Inability to architect an effective Smart Infrastructure which results in minimal OpEx

  • 4

    Inability of current like­products to focus on smartphone recovery, due to conflict of interest

  • 5

    QEPR’s strong economics allow for elite product technology, with highly approachable pricing

"QEPR has successfully combined numerous products and services, into the only single, comprehensive solution"

With 20 Patents-Pending, What QEPR Does, That The Others Do Not



Tile Pro

Trackr Pixel

Apple -

 Find My iPhone

Android -

 Where's My Droid


As a Complete Smartphone Loss Prevention, Tracking, & Loss Recovery System







Detachable Fob for Valet Parking

Ring Your Misplaced Phone and Tablet from Your Fob

Ring Your Misplaced Fob from Your Phone and Tablet

Ring Your Misplaced Phone and Tablet from your Smartwatch

Separation Alert­ Phone & Fob Alerts When Separated

Safe Zone­ Disable Separation Alert

Replaceable Fob Battery

View Fob Battery Life on Phone and Website

Share Fob With Unlimited People







Compatible For Both Apple and Android Devices

Family Membership Plans That Include Both Apple andAndroid Users

Business Membership Plans That Include Both Apple andAndroid Users

Comprehensive Loss Recovery System

Customizable Smart TAG for Both Phone & Tablet

Immediately Alerts Your Friends & Family When Lost Phoneor Tablet is Found

Ships Lost and Found Phone or Tablet Directly to Your Door

Ability to Call Your Lost Phone With Custom “Phone Lost,Owner Calling” Message Displaying on Lock Screen

Ability to Message Your Lost Phone With Custom “LostPhone” Message & Instructions Displaying on Lock Screen

Ability to Ring Misplaced Phone or Tablet from Website

Mapview in Both Website and Mobile

Track Last 50 Locations of Phone, Tablet & Fob from Website

Track Last 50 Locations of Phone, Tablet & Fob from Phone

Track Current Location of Phone, Tablet & Fob from Website

Track Current Location of Phone, Tablet & Fob from Mobile







24/7 Concierge Member Support

Live Phone Support

Live Whatsapp Support

Live Facebook Messenger Support

Live In­App Chatbot Support

Live SMS Chat Support

Live Email Support

Interactive Smart FAQ­ Keyword Search