QEPR is the world’s first and only set of technologies which serve in the LOSS PREVENTION, TRACKING, & RECOVERY OF SMARTPHONES.

QEPR would like to send you our technology, and receive your valuable feedback- all absolutely free to you of course.

Once the Beta Testing process is finished (4 weeks of casual technology interaction at your own pace), you will get to keep the hardware, and be given a free QEPR Founder's club membership- our gift to you for helping us make QEPR the best product possible.

Kindly enter your information below to register, and act fast as QEPR has only created 100 openings to be a Beta Tester. We will cover all shipping costs of sending you the technology.

Beta Testing is for USA residents only at this time, as QEPR prepares for commercialization.  

Beta Testing will take 4 weeks- beginning on June 12th.

Registration has now CLOSED for QEPR's current Beta Testing round. 

Thank You Kindly for your support!